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Item #: 54-902-145-

Fowler Sylvac - Scan S145 Series - Optical Measurement for Turned Parts

Manufacturer: Fowler Sylvac
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Fast and precise optical measurement for all cylindrical parts


  • :Part measurement up to 5.7"/145mm diameter and up to 50.3"/1280mm length
  • Fast, accurate, repeatable, reliable measurements of cylindrical parts
  • Full part measurement in just a few seconds
  • Easy to use software for operator use on the shop floor
  • One click measurement, part recognition, auto measure
  • Advanced and custom software features for complex parts
  • Offline software and programming from CAD
  • Full measurement reports and SPC compatible
  • Automation ready
  • Motorized tailstock
  • Reduce inspection time, reduced scrap and save money!


  • Instrument according to technical specifications
  • 2 Adapters for Morse 2, rotating center 42mm 54-902-638-0 and drive center 54-902-621-0
  • Computer with screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Windows multilingual operating system
  • Sylvac Reflex SCAN+ software
  • Plastiform case for optical machines
  • Manual