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Fowler - 12" & 31" Light-Line Digital Depth Gages

Manufacturer: Fowler High Precision
Item Number: 54-136

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Fowler - Light-Line Digital Depth Gages

  • Light Line Digital Depth Gage Kit with Interchangeable bases.
  • A light weight depth gage with 3 easily interchanged bases that will cover a variety of depth measuring applications.
  • With an assortment of measuring contacts enabling the measurement of depths, gaps, grooves, steps and many other applications

• Includes a fitted case, instructions, 2 spare base screws, 2 hex wrenches and test certificate


  • Light weight beam made of oxide coated aluminum with double inner prismatic guide ways for optimal guidance and sliding characteristics
  • Bases made of hard anodized aluminum, which are easily interchanged.
  • Includes three base attachments: 150/300/450mm
  • Includes two contact points (rotatable by 90 degrees: 3/5mm)
  • Electronics feature on/off, floating zero and direct in/mm conversion
  • 0.0005"/.01mm resolution and repeatability
  • Made in Germany
  • Uses 1 LR44 silver oxide battery (1 spare included)