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eGeePro® - Reusable N95 Safety Mask - w/ 50 Refill Filters
Item #: 6-09525-95

eGeePro® - Reusable N95 Safety Mask - w/ 50 Refill Filters

Manufacturer: Digi-Pas

Optional Items: Refill Filters
List: $33.90 starting at $29.95 You save $3.95 (12%)

eGeePro® - Reusable N95 Respiratory Face Mask - w/ 50 Antibacterial Refill Filters

Patented Respiratory N95 & N99-GRADE Face Mask

  • HIGH SAFETY - for best protection against Germs & Hazardous Particals
  • EASY BREATHING & BEST COMFORT - Twin exhaust valves (user ON/OFF settable) for prolonged wearing
  • GOOD FIT DESIGN - Ergonomic face Contour with soft silicone/rubber mask fitting
  • Mask's Plastic Protective Cover provides RUGGEDNESS & ENDURING REUSABILITY for MANY MONTHS compared to One-time-used (Disposable) Surgical or N95 masks.
  • While the Antiviral-bacterial N95 & N99-Grade Refill Filter is conveniently changed DAILY depending to user's consideration on Comfort, Hygiene and Breathing Resistance.

1. MEDICAL-GRADE (N95 & N99) Antiviral-bacterial REFILL Filters (SAFETY)

SUPER-FINE to ULTRA-FINE mesh patterns of 0.3 ~ 0.1 micrometer designed filtering materials tested by Accredited Germany's Testing Body to pass Europe and U.S SURGICAL MASK testing standards. Effective to prevent infectious GERMS (Virus, Bacteria, other microbial or hazardous HAZE particles) being inhaled.

2. TIGHTEST-FIT between facial skin to mask cover (NO AIR-LEAKAGE + COMFORT)

FDA-approved high-quality SOFT Silicon-rubber (PREMIUM model only) is incorporated to act as an effective interface between VARIETY of face CONTOURS/SHAPES to the light weight plastic PROTECTIVE cover to achieve TIGHTEST-FIT & COMFORT preventing unfiltered air entering from interface gaps between facial skin and mask cover during inhaling, thus achieving maximum SAFETY.

3. PARTITION Between Nose & Mouth Cavities/Chamber (HYGIENE)

eGeePro® Reusable Respiratory Face Mask is designed and built with a unique PATENTED features, SEPARATE CHAMBERS between nose and mouth cavities reducing droplets cross from mouth to nose chambers thus achieving:

    • Better Hygiene (less mixture of exhaled air from mouth & nose)
  • Strength/Ruggedness (strong food-grade plastic protective cover)
  • Breathability Comfort (less Odour/Smell)


The fact that the external plastic protective mask cover is WATERPROOF and washable to be cleaned/sanitized for REUSABLE makes the mask is used INDOOR & OUTDOOR and become more ECONOMICAL especially for heavy usage applications such as FACTORIES, OFFICES, SCHOOLS & OUTDOOR SITES.


"New Normal" after RE-OPENING of lockdowns in many countries require prolonged wearing of masks in public places, offices, social/entertainment locations. Prolonged wearing of mask require COMFORT to users and particular important contact with face skin not to cause irritation.

TWIN one-directional air valves (User settable ON/OFF function) are incorporated to enable EASY BREATHING during EXHALING allowing air to freely exit from mask. HIGH-QUALITY FOOD-GRADE plastic and silicon-rubber materials are approved by U.S Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA).


To sustain prolonged period of mask wearing, MAGNETIC BUCKLE rubberized string hook is incorporated for aid EASY & CONVENIENT putting on mask and taking off during drinking, eating, washing face etc.

Since large portion of mask plastic material is WASHABLE & REUSED for MANY MONTHS, hence eGeePro mask is environmental friendlier to standard one-time disposable masks or shorter-life reusable cloth masks thus contributing to SUSTAINABILITY.