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Techniquip - DVPG Dual Camera and Dual Adjustable Line Pattern Generator - DVPG-Kit

Manufacturer: Techniquip
Item Number: DVPG-Kit
The DVPG is a fully integrated camera switcher, split screen and adjustable video reticle generator that allows simultaneous viewing of two cameras*(requires GenLock) on either a video or computer monitor.


  • The DVPG is compatible with NTSC, PAL, EIA and CCIR video formats.
  • It can be used with S-video or RS170 composite video signals.
  • The DVPG utilizes 12 VDC power.
  • Video Standards Supported:     Auto switching – NTSC, PAL, and EIA
  • Power: 12VDC with 400ma plug
  • Cursor Types:     Seven available reticle patterns including no reticle.
  • Circuity: Full digital circuity with superb signal stability and repeatability
  • Selectable Line Types: Solid or dashed with adjustable matte – Black or White
  • Memory: Digital memory of reticle position and line type when powered off
  • Profile: Compact