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Dino-Lite - AM7023CT Dino-Eye USB 5 MP C-Mount Camera

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Dino-Lite - Dino-Eye USB 5 MP C-Mount Camera 

  • The AM7023CT Dino-Eye USB 5 MP C-Mount camera allows users to attach a digital camera onto an optical device to clearly observe in real-time what the device is viewing onto a computer or projected for an audience to see.
  • The AM7023CT has a MicroTouch trigger for capturing images without clicking on a mouse or using a keyboard.
  • With its USB interface, users can also easily and directly record images on a computer with the included DinoCapture software for PC or DinoXcope software for MAC.
  • The Dino-Eye AM7023CT is a perfect companion for work, clinic, or laboratory using any device that can attach a C-Mount camera.
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