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Diatest - Split Ball Probe Bore Gage System - 5 Components - INCH

Manufacturer: Diatest
Item Number: T-0

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Split-ball probes are flexible and universal bore gauges for indicating internal measurements

No Other Bore Gaging System has the Versatility or Range of Small Sizes (0.0185 to 1.620")

The modular design with extensive accessories enables gauging of most common bores. This allows a use for serial and individual control as well as preferentially in the plant directly at the production machine.

Range of application:

  • Standard probes, hard chrome plated: Ø 0.47 – 41.1mm
  • Standard probes, carbide inserted: Ø 1.5 – 41.1 mm
  • Standard probes, ceramic inserted: Ø 3.7 – 41.1 mm
  • Blind bore probes, hard chrome plated: Ø 1.5 – 41.1 mm
  • T-3P: 3 – Point probes: Ø 4.75 – 150.6 mm
  • T-T: probes to measure deeper bores: Ø 2.05 – 9.8 mm
  • T-PA: probes for parallel measurement: Ø 4.7 – 41.1 mm
  • Special shapes on request, respectively measurement of O.D., recesses, etc
  • Zero setting in setting master e. g. according to DIATEST company standard or DIN 2250-C
  • Repeatability (standard split-ball probes): manual gauging ca. 1 µm, gauging in stand < 0.5 µm
  • In addition to bore measurement, DIATEST split-ball probes can detect geometrical shape defects such as ovality, concentricity, barrel-shape, etc.

A large assortment of accessories completes the split ball range. Sets of Split Ball probes in a wooden box can be purchased, e. g. with a measurement range of 3.7 to 9.8 mm. Mechanical indicators with a resolution of 0.01 resp. 0.001 mm can be used for display

  • Probes For Through Holes and Blind Holes
  • Hard Chrome and Carbide Tipped
  • When using Diatest Brand Indicators order item MH-6-51 with 8mm Collet  
  • When using AGD Indicators order item MH-6-51-Z with 3/8" Collet

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