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DELTRONIC - Class "X" Plug Gages - Tol. +.00004"/-.00000

Manufacturer: Deltronic
Item Number: DLR

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  • Deltronic "X" Plugs are available in .0001" steps
  • Sizes from .0040" thru 1.0120"
  • Each gage is individually packaged in a plastic hinged-lid Box
  • "Certificate of Accuracy" included
  • Gages are held to size within +.000040"/-.000000 (minus nothing)

To Order:

  1. Select Size Range your gage falls into
  2. Type in the specific of the gage into the text box
  3. Press "Add to Cart"
  4. For multiple gage pins just repeat the the steps above (you can check your cart at any time to see what's in there)
  5. Make sure the subsequent pins are within the range chosen or change the range accordingly.

Deltronic Gage Catalog