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DELTRONIC - Thread Wires - (29° ACME)

Manufacturer: Deltronic
Item Number: DLTWA

Must Select: Pitch
starting at $129.00

Deltronic Thread Wires are certified to meet or exceed requirements of the ANSI/ASME B89.1.17, B1.2, B1.16, B1.5, B1.8 thread standard as well as Federal Spec. GGG-W-366b and meet anticipated ISO Standard as well. 


  • Commonality, three wires within each set are within millionths (.000,005”) of calibrated size
  • Set Diameter is within .20 millionths (.000,020”) of “best” wire size and calibrated to the nearest, 10 millionths (.000,010”) of the exact size:
  • Roundness is with- in .00025mm; 
  • Surface Finish is better than 2 micro-inches AA, lapped; 
  • Hardness, Rc 62-64 stabilized; 
  • Straightness of the central 1/2 inch of the wire’s length is within 10 millionths (.000,010”), maximum deviation.