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DELTRONIC - Class X - Individual Plug Gages - +.000040 / -.00000" Tolerance

Manufacturer: Deltronic
Item Number: DLR

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DELTRONIC - Class "X" Plug Gages - Tolerance +.000040" / -.00000"

To Order:

  1. Select Size Range your gage falls into
  2. Select "inch" or "metric"
  3. Type in the specific size of the gage into the text box (ex: .1234)
  4. Press "Add to Cart"
  5. For multiple gage pins just repeat the the steps above (you can check your cart at any time to see what's in there)
  6. **Make sure the subsequent pins are within the range chosen or change the range accordingly.


  • Deltronic "X" Plugs are available in .0001" steps
  • Sizes from .0040" thru 1.0120"
  • Each gage is individually packaged in a plastic hinged-lid Box
  • "Certificate of Accuracy" included
  • Gages are held to size within +.000040"/-.000000 (minus nothing)
  • Sizes from .0040” thru .1800” do not have a center relief.
  • Size marked Insul-Grips on sizes .0070” thru .0589”

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