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CDI Torque - Electronic Dial Torque Wrenches

Manufacturer: CDI Torque
Item Number: ED-CDI

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The new Electronic Dial (ED) torque wrench features solid-state electronics for accurate torque application and measurement.

  • ED’s design provides easy set-up and usage.
  • There is no need to look directly at the digital readout as the wrench features 3 indicating lights and an audible buzzer.


  • 4 units of measure...ft lb, in lb, Nm, kg.cm.
  • Accuracy: ± 1 % CW & ± 1% CCW - of indicated value from
  • 20% to 100% of full scale
  • 3 step LED visual signal system
    YELLOW LIGHT = approaching target torque
    GREEN LIGHT = target torque reached
    RED LIGHT = over torque indicator
  • Audible tone when desired torque is reached
  • Alarm tone sounds if wrench is overtorqued
  • Ergonomically designed wrench body
  • Display can be turned 180 degrees to allow left hand usage
  • Battery cover designed to be aviation FOD proof
  • Holds “peak” torque reading for 10 seconds
  • Constructed of special Capron® material for long life and durability
  • Resistant to the majority of chemicals used in industrial environments
  • Wrench can be hung on tool board
  • Bar graph displays orientation of torque application (left or right hand)
  • Uses standard 9 volt alkaline battery
  • N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of calibration included
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B107.300 – 2010