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CDI Chicago - Granite Stand - w/ 8" Column - Stem Mount w/ Fine Adjustment - 6066-20S

Manufacturer: CDI Chicago Dial Indicator
Item Number: 6066-20S
starting at $355.00

These granite bases are Laboratory Grade, offer a smooth surface, are nonabrasive and extremely hard for an accurate reference plane for work inspection. 

6" x 6" x 2" (Grade AA .00005")

These 6" x 6" x 2" granite bases are supplied with a 1.25" diameter, 8" tall column and an indicator arm (rigid or with a fine adjustment knob). Indicator arms are available in lug or stem mount. Indicator arms have a throat depth of 1.75" and can be raised to a height of 6" depending on the type of mount used.


  • 6" x 6" x 2" granite bases (Grade A .00005") 
  • Column 1.25" diameter, 8" Height 
  • Indicator Arm lug or stem mount, (with or with-out fine adjustment ).
  • Indicator arms have a throat depth of 1.75"
  • Height of 6" depending on the type of mount used

Manufactured from high quality black granite, quarried in California. This material has been carefully evaluated to assure a high modulus of elasticity, complying with federal specifications and user requirements. Government tests have shown that fine-grained black granites are stronger, denser and less absorptive than other granites. The superior stiffness of black granites is highly desirable for surfaces where accuracy and stability are essential.