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CDI Chicago - .250" Range / .0001" Res. - VRS Advanced Digital Indicator - VRS2500

Manufacturer: CDI Chicago Dial Indicator
Item Number: VRS2500
starting at $400.00

CDI Chicago - VRS Advanced Digital Indicator

  • This versatile indicator is straightforward to use and includes easy-to-use advanced functions such as TIR, Preset, Tolerances, Ratio, and many more.
  • “Made in the USA” with a patented absolute sensor, the VRS features long battery life, never loses position and does not over speed.
  • Contains a built-in wireless short range radio which can be paired with the "Electronic Dial Indicator" App in the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • A built-in long range wireless radio is optional.

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VRS Construction, Features, & Primary Functions (ON, OFF, ZERO, HOLD, IN mm, TOL, Analog Display)

VRS 2nd & 3rd Functions ( + -, RES, DATA, INC, PRESET, TIR, LOCK, RATIO )