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CDI Chicago - 1" Range / .00005" Res. - Logic Illuminate Indicator - E3110

Manufacturer: CDI Chicago Dial Indicator
Item Number: E3110
starting at $595.00

CDI Chicago - Logic Illuminate Indicator 

  • The backlight (Illuminated LCD) allows for an extremely easy to read display from close-up to far away.
  • The 3-color display (GREEN, YELLOW, and RED) is excellent for GO / NOGO readings, and features a dual display with numeric and analog view on the display.
  • LCD can be programmed to view both numeric and analog at the same time, numeric only, or analog only.
  • The Logic Illuminate is loaded with basic and advanced features that are easy to operate.
  • CDI includes quick sheet instruction, full instructions, and video instructions.


  • Incremental Measuring Mode
  • Up to 4 User Changeable Resolutions
  • SPC Cables USB, MTI, RS232
  • Inch/Metric Display
  • Measuring System in English or Metric
  • Analog Visual Display
  • Travel Reverse
  • Maximum Reading Hold
  • Display / Freeze Hold
  • Floating Zero
  • Minimum Reading Hold
  • Very Large LCD Display
  • Absolute/Preset Measuring Mode
  • T.I.R. with Low & High Storage Recall
  • Lock Combination
  • Tolerance Settings (high/low)
  • Red Backlight for Out of Tolerance
  • Green Backlight (Standard and In Tolerance)
  • Yellow Tolerance Warning Backlight
  • Backlight Brightness is User Adjustable
  • USB / AC Power Cable Included
  • Single Gage Data Collection Included


Spec Sheet