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Brown & Sharpe - IMICRO Digital Bore Micrometers - INDIVDUAL RANGES
Item #: 06130109

Brown & Sharpe - IMICRO Digital Bore Micrometers - INDIVDUAL RANGES

Measuring Range: .5512" - .6693" (14 - 17mm)
Graduation: .00005" / .001mm
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IMICRO - Internal Micrometers with 3-line Contact

  • All TESA Bore Micrometers are specially suited for through and blind bores 012" from bottom except for the models covering the application range from .236 ÷ .397 in .047" from bottom.
  • Fitted with a TESA patented capacitive measuring system. 
  • 3-Line contact offers a true advantage.
  • The near perfect auto-centering and auto alignment make bore measurement reliable, without the need for an operator to estimate.
  • A single tool can replace hundreds of plug gauges.
  • Unlike plug gauges that check only one toleranced size, a single tool can measure many diameters. 
  • Depending on the model that is being used, through holes and blind bores along with short centering shoulders can be inspected reliably.
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INSTRUMENT - Robust construction to guarantee long life and stability of results over time - 3 contact lines, Abbe's principle-compliant - No influence of temperature variation on the measurement - Comfortable reading with large, high-contrast display

MEASUREMENT - For the measurement of through bores - Auto-centering and auto-alignment - Constant measuring force - Extension system for reliable measurement even at large depths

DATA MANAGEMENT - Data transmission via opto-RS232 port (cable or wireless)