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BARCOR - 1-2" Chamfer Gage - w/ Digital Indicator - 2090-SPC

Manufacturer: Barcor
Item Number: 2090-SPC
starting at $870.00

The is a precision instrument designed specifically to measure the top (major) diameter of a chamfer, countersink, center drill, or tapered hole.

  • Similar in size, weight, & appearance to BARCOR’s popular mechanical chamfer gage.
  • Self-Contained and Portable.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy: ±.0005" for 90° model
  • Repeatability: within ±1 least significant digit.
  • Two Modes: Direct Reading as called out on part print; and Plus/Minus Comparative from a “Zero” established with Master or verified piece part.
  • True, instant, Inch/Metric Switchability to measure the same reading in either inches or mm with the push of a button.
  • No Setting Masters (Standards) or look-up-charts required. Optional NIST (NBS) traceable Setting Masters offered.
  • Long-Life Batteries
  • Can also be powered continuously through its A/C Adapter 
  • AGD Group 2 indicator has large, easy-to-read, LCD Digital Display, with three modes, dimensional “Hold”, and full 360 Degree Rotational Bezel,
  • Full SPC capabilites: compatible with virtually any brand of equipment, directly through Gage Port, Open Collector RS-232 C Serial Type Output Signal, BCD Parallel or Mitutoyo,