Hi-Cal Electronic Height Gage

Measuring ranges: 6"/150mm and 12"/300mm. Extra low measuring force, from 0.2 N. Measurement of internal and external diameters, centerlines, heights, widths, depths, surfaces. MIN, MAX, TIR capability
Fowler High Precision
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Motorized carriage displacement is control by a pair of pressure sensitive switches.
The harder to operator presses, the faster the carriage moves.
All functions for height are directly available to the operator on a simple control pad.

  • Reference
  • Min
  • Max
  • Diameter
  • Centerline
Hi-Cal Height Gage Specifications

Available Ranges: 0-6"/150mm | 0-12"/300mm
Resolution: 0.00005"/(0.001mm/1um)
Measuring Pressure: Adjustable Approx. 0.8 Newtons
Accuracy (STD): Accuracy: 2.5 [um] + (L/175) [mm]
Repeatability: 2 um (.000080")
Output Type: RS-232 C (Bi-Directional) and USB
Display: Bright LCD with East to Use controls
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery Pack (>40 Hours)

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